Is a French Collection the Best Connection?

As you may know, Newcastle United FC seem to be transforming their squad as the old breed seem to be on their way out to make way for a “new look Newcastle”.

It’s pretty obvious there’s one place where NUFC have their sights fixed and that place is a small land, across the channel, called France. Yes it looks like this new look Newcastle the club is searching for must have a bit of “bonne connaissance”, “magnifique” and maybe a little “va-va-voom”.

French FlagSince January we’ve had five Frenchmen join the ranks at St James’ Park which consist of Hatem Ben Arfa, Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba and most recently Sylvain Marveaux and of course we’ve been strongly linked with other French brethren like Mevlüt Erdinç and Blaise Matuidi. It is interesting to know the oldest of that lot is Demba Ba at only 26 which goes to show that Newcastle obviously have a “the younger the better” attitude most likely hoping to develop younger players and bring them through their prime or of course get a better sell on value for a player that isn’t completely past his best before date (Mike Ashley would have been particularly insistent about this).

The biggest question on most people’s lips is what could this mean for Newcastle United? Well it’s obvious that the club is going for a complete revamp with a “out with the old in with the new” which could make them or break them, they’ll be trying to do this without completely breaking the bank of course. Maybe it would be better if Newcastle would build gradually upon what they already have instead of completely replacing a team that’s just started to compose itself.

Its more than likely Newcastle are aiming for an Arsenal style of play with the likes of Ben Arfa in playmaker roles to create goals which would hopefully help raise the team up the rankings, of course this sudden change of scene could backfire and send the club the opposite way. It’s pretty clear the likes of Joey Barton and the already departed Kevin Nolan do not fit into this prediction of the future with their more rough and tumble old fashioned style of play which sadly seems to be diminishing in this league.

The truth is no one knows what the future of this club is, whether that involves our cheese loving friends from the mainland or not. All will become clear in the future but until then we’ll just have to be patient and support our club through thick and thin whatever the future holds.

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About the Author: Glen Maddison

I am a season ticket holder at Newcastle United and a lifelong fan. As my school years come to an end, I am trying to pursue a career in sports journalism and looking for ways I can further that ambition. I am currently an EA sports data reviewer for the FIFA series since April 2011 so when you play as Newcastle in coming FIFA titles, I had a part in that.

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  • if we are looking for the arsenal style of play barton is the key to success with it (along with tiote) arsenals players are too fragile and weak. arsen wenger always crys and moans about his team getting treated rough, but thats cos theyve got no steel at all, if we could build an arsenal-esque team with bedrock of gritty players a la barton/tiote giving the flair guys liscence to roam thats great havin both dimensions

  • I was thinking the exact same this morning Al. I think that’s why Barton’s being linked with Arsenal in the first place, you need to keep them type of players. No point building a Ligue 1/ La liga type side when you’re in the EPL

  • was thinking the exact same thing this morning Al, that’s probably why Arsenal are linked with Barton. The reason Arsenals team is not at its best is because they have the wrong team in the wrong league.

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