Newcastle United Kit 2011/2012

As every NUFC fan will be aware of, yesterday Newcastle United FC released images of their official 2011/2012 FA Premier League (we’re safe) home kit and goalkeeper kit. The kit sponsor is still with Northern Rock while the kit design still lies with Puma. The home strip is available with the standard NUFC badge or an alternative gold badge.

NUFC Goalkeeper Kit 2011/2012

NUFC Goalkeeper Home Kit 2011-2012

NUFC Home Kit 2011/2012

NUFC Home Kit 2011-2012

There isn’t too much to say about the goalkeeper kit, it is gold and contains black and white trimmings.

The home strip is predominantly black with two thin white stripes down the centre, the sleeves are also white while the back of the strip has a black panel for player/supporter names and numbers.

If you would like to purchase the new home kit, it will be on sale from Thursday 19th May.

Newcastle United Home Shirt 2011-2012Mixed Reactions

The strips have been received with mixed reactions amongst the NUFC faithful, some seeing the move away from the traditional black and white stripes as an insult to NUFC fans and the traditions of the club, while others welcome the change as a breath of fresh air and like the overall look.

Personally I am not a massive fan of the new kit (the goalkeeper kit is fine), I associate Newcastle United FC with black and white stripes and the strip doesn’t reflect this. I know that there isn’t too much kit designers Puma can do with black and white stripes but it feels like the move away from this has been made for the sake of it (trying to shake up).

Away and Third Kit Rumours

The rumours going around regarding the 2011/2012 NUFC away and third strips is that the away strip will be orange (?!?) and the third strip will be black. The feedback has been more positive regarding this rumour as the orange kit will either be a big hit or a big miss but most NUFC fans have responded positively to having an all black third strip.

NUFC 2011-12 Strip

The bottom line of this story is that if you don’t like the new NUFC home kit, you don’t have to buy it (this is sometimes not an option for die-hard fans). I think I will stick with my David Ginola grandad collar strip for now, hoping the third strip comes out nice.

What do you think of the kit? Feel free to comment with your views on it (can of worms now open).

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  • stripes should be plentiful, not happy!

  • I didn’t think we could go wrong with black and white stripes, then this came out!

  • I like the new kit, but i am sick of our kits having a patch for name and number printing, its a ploy to get more dosh as shirt looks silly with no number.

    I would like to see an all red away kit, or something completly new.

    I think a good idea would be a black home kit with two white striped down the front. Then have a white away kit with two black stripes down the front. (Reverse of home kit).

  • How did they mess up putting black and white stripes on a shirt?? It’s not the best and I won’t be buying one.

  • I have no idea mate, lets hope the away strip & third kit (aka the change strip) fairs better.

  • More stripes please…..

    The best strip was the one featuring the blue star back in the 90′s

  • A love the new kit its different but a dont get the 3rd kit being black when the home one is virtually black a think a white one or blue wud of been better

  • The home kit is nice , I think that it is kind of a change , a new ara for the club .
    I am a PAOK Thessaloniki FC fan and our colors are the same as Newcastle United FC and we have Puma kits too . I hope to have the same home kits and I also liked the GK kits too , althrough it would be better to use this gold kit as a third kit than using an orange one

    do not worry brothers about the home kit , who knows , maybe this home shirt will bring Newcastle United back to the top of Premier League!

  • i want to play for new castle someday

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