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Dion Boucicault

My kinsman Dion Boucicault word’s could be unfortunately accurate in relation to the Magpies summer so far.

July has come upon us and progress is such a common term at this stage of a club’s Summer. Players leave, more arrive and the financial powerhouses of Manchester United, Man City and Liverpool delve deeper and deeper into pools of borrowed cash in search of silverware.

Jay BothroydWhere do we lie in comparison to our rivals? Unfortunately if you look at the number and quality of signings made by Sunderland we lag behind. Pardew’s ability to purchase players who speak another language besides French must be called in to question and cohesion in the squad shall not be acquired easily without a true leader and figure head. The recent comments made regarding the ailing of Kevin Nolan’s career with age only highlight the issue that Arsenal have had in recent seasons with players lacking in sustained Premier League experience. The question marks hovering over Jose Enrique and Joey Barton are at this stage in need of eminent resolution.

The Toon Armies figure head number 9 has yet to be found and this is an issue that must be addressed, Newcastle without a competent number 9 is similar to a car without a steering wheel or Leeds without a financial regulator.

With a month before the start of the 2011/12 season, days cannot be wasted wandering around the Seine and Rhone river valleys and the availability of free transfers such as Jay Bothroyd must surely now become serious options a lot closer to home without the use of the TGV or channel tunnel.

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James is a former radio Dj with Party 934 & Flirt FM 101.3 in Ireland & has TV presented with News2day on RTE 2 as well as the recent documentary Dingle to LA. He was a writer for Sin newspaper and the Chesterfield Post and is general manager of record label COAL Records Ltd for Tribal Talent Ireland. As well as being a die hard magpie he also writes regularly to www.jamespmahon.com and hosts an online chat show on Youtube.com/JPMTVUK. He is currently studying a masters in broadcast journalism at the University of Sheffield and has appeared as a guest on BBC Radio, Blogtalkradio NYC and ForgeRadio: Twitter= @jamesPmahon

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  • I dont think Boothroyd will make a good No.9, he is also quite old around 29 and not suited to transfer policy of young and developing players.

    There doesant seem to be a strong link at the moment to any striker after we failed on Erding, Shane Long and Bendner have been mentioned both are young at around 24 but neither proven in the premiership to deliver goals consistently. Long would not have the big ego and confidence from scoring 21 championship goals last season which is more than carrol scored. So i can see why they would want 10 mil for him, if he was 21 i’d say go for it but he is at his peak now at 24 so if he came and didnt do so well we’d make a loss at 10 mil, probably still worth 6-8 mil in my opinion.

    Bendner has scored quite a few prem goals already although cannot break into a team consistently that has van persie, walcott and arshavin which would be tough for a god player. Scored clinically against us in the cup and is pretty much a proven international with Denmark. This makes him more expensive in terms of transfer fee and wages and is likely other european clubs after him already, would probably cost 8-13 mil depending on whether he wants to move abroad. Also his wages probably have to be double Long’s and theres no guarantee he’ll score anymore goals than Long would.

    Both players seem fairly evenly matched to me in terms of potential and not a lot of difference in cost in terms of transfer fee but wages may differ. I think either would improve our squad and striking options but for such a high fee both would want to be starters so we’d have to look at selling 1 or 2 of our fringe strikers because they would not get any games unless we were hit by a series of injuries and sell one of our strikers in january and not replace them. :)

  • Load of drivel, picked upa French international, a man who set up most of Gyan’s goals at Rennes, a highly rated French U-19 prospect and a lad who scored 7 in 11 for a doomed team and you want a terrible championship standard forward in? Negativity helps no-one, nor does terrible suggestions like that.

  • ‘Unfortunately if you look at the number and quality of signings made by Sunderland we lag behind.’

    It’s all a matter of opinion. Sunderland have invested in quantity and they will, in about 12 months time, regret the 5 year contracts given to 30 year old Man U cast offs. Thankfully the toon manager doesn’t appear quite as desperate as you – certainly boothroyd would be another body but hardly the quality striker (fit to wear the number 9) that we are looking for. I haven’t seen enough of Long to comment but his age and record suggests he would be a better proposition and I have never rated Bentner personally. We certainly need that extra striker (perhaps even 2) but it’s important we don’t panic. It’s still early days and we appear to have done quite well so far but I think it’s time to go that extra mile in order to take us to the next level – £15/20million on Sturridge and Zog and I would be very happy.

  • Sorry I read this article straight after another one advocating Long and Bentner as possible signings so accept you never mentioned either of these. My comments still stand though.

  • Very glad that this stimulated debate and albeit passionate also,
    i long for a day when we are a prolific team and without a proven number 9 it will be tough,

    all the suggestions are below par for what we truly need and its going to be tough, money has to be put on the line for a top drawer striker,

    so fingers crossed ashely, derek llambas or whatever he called and pardew pool their limited IQ to make a damn good singing,


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